Our VILLAGE is coming & your help is needed!

Every two-years, CISV Vancouver has the opportunity to give back to CISV’s global community by hosting a program here in Vancouver. To make this a success, we need past, present and future CISV families as well as our various CISV friends to step forward and give us a hand! Here are the details:

Where will the Village be located? North Vancouver – We will be switching some classrooms over to dorms and setting up other areas of a local high school to act as a Village for our arriving delegates.

What are the dates? July 7 to August 3, 2017.

How many people are coming? 12 delegations of 4 plus their leaders, 6 junior counsellors (JC’s) and our staff of 4 will be in attendance for a total of 70 participants.

What countries are coming? Currently we have delegations from Brazil, Canada, Denmark, El Salvador, Finland, France, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Spain and the USA. We are also anticipating JC’s from Brazil, Canada (2), Ecuador, Italy and the Netherlands.

How can we help?

There are still a few planning roles we could use some help with such as a Volunteer Coordinator, but the bulk of our volunteer needs will be during the program. Most of the roles are for adults or older youth but some may also be suitable for younger youth if accompanied by an adult.

Please check out the different opportunities below and add your name through our lists on SIGNUP.COM at the link HERE

Organize a Task/Activity:

Our planning committee is in need of a few more people to help organize different aspects of the camp. This could include items such as getting school bus quotes and making bookings, researching and arranging group trips to local sites on excursion days, supervising food delivery for a week…

  • Commitment: This could be just a few hours or your time or it could involved a few hours a week for a few weeks.
  • Time Period: This work would mostly occur in the lead-up to the program in the May to June period.

Set-up & Take-down:

Our Set-Up Coordinators need a team of people to help with the set-up and take-down/clean-up of the Village. We have heavy lifting tasks (unloading supplies and bedding) and light duty tasks organizing rooms and making beds for our arriving delegates. Some people will be needed at our storage lockers in Richmond and others can meet at the venue. This task is suitable for adults and youth.

  • Commitment: You would be committing to a 4-6 hour period of time for set-up and/or for take-down.
  • Time Period: Friday July 7 and/or Thursday August 3, 2017.

Approach Local Donors:

In an effort to keep our costs down we often look to our business community to contribute. Embassies of traveling delegations, local pizza shops, bakeries for the donation of birthday cakes are just a few of the local businesses that might help us out.

  • Commitment: This commitment will vary by the person and could be just a few hours or more. Will likely involve the writing of ask letters/emails and personal follow-ups. The bulk of this work can likely be done from home and through email/phone.
  • Time Period: This work would likely occur leading up to and during the start of the program.

Help Feed Hungry CISVers:

We will be using a commercial food provider, but to keep our costs down we need 3-4 adult or older youth volunteer for each meal to help with set-up, serving, and clean-up. To keep the meals running smoothly we also need a weekly supervisor for each week to direct volunteers and ensure things are running smoothly. The weekly supervisor does not need to be at all meals but will need to brief all new volunteers and touch base with the Village staff daily. We will also need weekly shoppers to pick-up additional food items for the program and possible a few cooks or burger flippers for special events such as Open Day!

  • Commitment: Meal helpers are asked to help out during at least 3 meals but many choose to do more as it is a great time to interact with the delegates. Weekly supervisors would need to be available on and off during a one week period of the program.
  • Time Period: This work would would generally occur between Monday July 10 and Wednesday August 2.

Greet an Arriving Delegation (Drivers):

Each delegation will need to be met at the airport and transported to their homestay. We will be in need of additional drivers and vehicles to help out with this fun task! There may also be a need to drive delegations from homestays to the Village. At the end of the Village their will also be a need to drive delegations to the airport. Homestay families will also be supporting this task but as you can imagine you will often need two vehicles to transport a delegation of 5 with large suitcases!

  • Commitment: This is a very specific time commitment of 1-2 hours and could occur more than once during the program. These volunteers must be 21 or older and have access to a reliable vehicle.
  • Time Period: This work could occur July 6 – 7 when delegations arrive, on the evening of July 9 when they travel from homestays to the Village, during the mid-Village homestay from July 21-23 or on the departure day of August 3, 2017.

Engage through a Homestay:

All the volunteer roles are fun but inviting a delegation into your home for a few days is incredibly special! Homestay families are needed at the beginning of the Village and during the mid-Village Homestay weekend. There may also be a need for a few homestays at the conclusion of the program if an international delegation is not able to depart on August 3rd. Homestays are for 2 or 4 delegates, meals are provided by the host family and sightseeing excursions need not be expensive. ALL adults 18 years or older living in the home must have a Criminal Record Check on file in the past three years with CISV before being approved. Home inspections may be required. Further details will be provided to interested families.

  • Commitment: This is a 2-3 day commitment to host 2-4 delegates in your home, provide meals and transportation and of course some Vancouver hospitality! Separate rooms are needed for boys and girls, sleepover type mattresses are fine, full beds are not required.
  • Time Period: The first homestay will occur from Friday July 7 to Sunday July 9 at 7 pm. There may be a few delegations needing earlier homestays due to flight arrival times. The second mid-Village homestay will occur from Friday July 21 to Sunday July 23 at 7 pm. There might also be a need for a few brief post-camp homestay if international delegations can not arrange departing flights on August 3.

PLEASE SIGN UP FOR TASKS AND TIME SLOTS HERE. For more information on any of these opportunities, please email Village2017@cisvvancouver.ca.