Participation in one of our programs is often a powerful experience – and not just for your child! They will come home with stories to share and may even have changed a little and become more independent.

We’ll help you and your child prepare for participating in a program so that you all know what to expect. Hearing first-hand from children and parents of children who have already participated is an important part of this process.

An inter-cultural experience is enriching for all of your family. If your child is going to be part of an Interchange exchange, your family will all get to take part in the experience as part of the two-way exchange. You may also get the opportunity to host children coming from another country to take part in a camp-based program near you.

CISV is all about friendship and fun and not just for children and young people. Many of our Chapters hold regular social events and activities for the whole family. The CISV experience stays with you for life. The volunteers that run and support our Chapters and programs are nearly all parents of children who have participated at some time or other.

To find put how you can get involved, read more about how you can volunteer.