A Membership in CISV Vancouver helps support programming opportunities for youth, provides leadership and development training and helps pay our annual dues.

You may obtain or renew your CISV Vancouver membership which is valid for one year. The year runs from October 1 to September 30.

Membership fees are due at the end of September. Complimentary memberships are provided to youth attending their first local CISV activity (age 10+), but to continue with CISV programs and activities an annual membership fee is required.

Membership in CISV Vancouver entitles members to:

  • Participate in local activities and events.
  • Receive a discount on MiniCamps.
  • Participate on the Adult and Junior Board, if interested.
  • Apply for a leadership position.
  • Apply for national and international programs
  • Receive up to date CISV information through our newsletter
  • Eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting


Membership Fees for the 2021/22 year are:

  • $120 Family Membership
  • $60 Adult Individual 19+
  • $20 International Student under 21
  • $0 Adult Leader / Volunteer

Family Membership + Donation

You may support the CISV Vancouver chapter with a contribution that will provide funding for the bursary program and support the hosting of international programs in Vancouver.

  • $220 Bronze Membership – (Includes a 1 year family membership PLUS a $100 donation).  Your donation will make a contribution to the bursary fund and sends a leader to mini-camp


  • $350 Silver Membership – (Includes a 1 year family membership PLUS a $230 donation).  Your donation will make a contribution to the bursary fund and provide breakfast for a CISV Village program


  • $500 Gold Membership – (Includes a 1 year family membership PLUS a $380 donation).  Your donation will make a contribution to the bursary fund and provide lunch for a CISV Village program*A tax receipt will be provided for the donation portion.

Even if you or your child is not participating in a CISV program this year, we still need your support. Your membership helps us to continue to provide experiences that foster Doris Allen’s vision to promote peaceful solutions to worldwide problems through nurturing and understanding.

Thank you for your support!


Your Volunteer Commitment:

As a family and volunteer-based organization, CISV Vancouver requires all families to volunteer their time to support the chapter. Our success depends on the talents, time and energy of members. Volunteering is a condition of membership in CISV. Parents can work on a committee or to use their particular abilities to benefit the chapter in unique way. When completing your membership form please identify areas where you may be able to support the chapter.

If you have questions or want to explore unique ways of supporting the chapter, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator: . Meetings of your child’s travel delegation are not considered volunteer work because they support that delegation only—not the whole chapter.

To have a look at some of our volunteer opportunities, please see our page.



After years of dealing with paper, CISV Vancouver now has two new online systems to make it easier for you to register for programs and renew your membership. This will make it easier for families to conduct transactions with the Chapter; reduce the administrative time required of our volunteers; ensure more accurate and complete information, especially as concerns the safety of our youth participants; and provide highly secure payment processing.

CISV Vancouver is launching ePACT, an online system to collect and manage our participants’ emergency information and waiver releases. Instead of filling out paper medical forms for programs like MiniCamp, you will now be able to complete this once using your ePACT account.  You can find more information on ePACT here.

If you’re an existing CISV Member you’ll receive an email invitation that will guide you through a few quick steps to set up your account and share your child’s information so that it is available for JB events, and programs.

If you are not a member but will be attending MiniCamp, you will receive an invitation to ePACT once you register for MiniCamp. Completing your emergency information is a mandatory part of the registration process.