CISV Vancouver is operated by a team of dedicated volunteers consisting of the organizations board of directors and various members-at-large that take on specific roles and responsibilities. Board meetings are held monthly and the chapter is always looking for additional volunteer to assist with operations. Please contact any of the board or check out our volunteer page to find out how else you might be able to support CISV Vancouver.

To EMAIL a specific member of the board just use their title (shown in brackets below) followed by


Chair – Heidi Luking (chair)

Past Chair – vacant (pastchair)

Treasurer – Kirsten Koppang-Telford & Lisa Whitaker (treasurer)

Secretary – Pennie Hutchison (secretary)

Risk Manager – Aaron Jackson (riskmanager)

Communications – Pia Kar and Janet Smith (communications)

Volunteer Coordinator – Joanne Hum (volunteer)

Programming Coordinator(s) – Karen Dupuis & vacant (programming)

Membership – Steven Goh (membership)

Leadership – Helen Schikkerling; Shannon Macelli, incoming, 2017-18 (leadership)

Fundraising/Advancement – vacant

Junior Branch Liaison – Mackenzie Higa (jbliaison)

Junior Board Chair(s) – Ravi Nichols Senior LJR, Charlotte Luking Junior LJR (juniorbranch)

Peace Bus – Ty Ellison (peacebus)

Seminar Camps – Brynn Spelliscy

Social Committee – Robyn Smyk

Gala Committee – Tricia Bowering

Alexander Ralph – Members at Large