Age appropriate:

Delegates must be the program offering age (i.e. Village 11, or 15-year-old Step Up etc.) at least one day between June 1st and October 31st (for summer programs) and September 1st and January 31st (for winter programs).




All Programs Applications and References due Feb 3, 2019.

Please submit your completed application and references electronically.

Emails are specific to each program being applied for and can be found on the application form and will be one of the following:

For all others, email


Application Fee – Please read details below:

A complete application must include the payment of the $35 application fee.

Link to pay application fee available HERE .


If you have CISV experience (i.e. past delegate, fall mini camp etc.) we require the Paid Membership and Application fee to be completed by December 21, 2018, with the questionnaire and references to follow due on February 3, 2019.  

*NOTE- Submitting your application fee by December 21, 2018 is required to understand capacity for the programs and if there will be a need to try to acquire or release programs.

If you are new to CISV and attending your first minicamp January 18 – 20, 2019, all pieces of the application requirements (a Paid Membership, Application fee and electronic submission of your completed questionnaire and references) are required to be submitted by February 3, 2019



In order to be considered for a CISV Program you must have…


Paid Membership for 2019

In order to be considered for a delegate position, you MUST be a paid member of CISV Vancouver for 2019. This is mandatory for Insurance purposes. Membership purchase or renewal can be done through our website ( and must be fully paid before submitting your application. Applications from non-members will not be considered.


Link to Membership Purchase HERE.


Paid Program Application Fee

A complete application must include the payment of the $35 application fee.  For Application Fee Payment link – will be available December 4th (Sorry – experiencing technical issues and had to delay the release of this link.)


Mini Camp Attendance Required

Applicants must have attended at least one local mini-camp  in the last 12 months before being eligible for a travel delegate position. This is to provide exposure to a CISV camp setting and give you an idea of what a CISV program would be like, and also allows us to evaluate applicants in a camp setting amongst their peers.

Register for Winter MiniCamp, January 18 to 20, link will be available on DECEMBER 2 .


Application and References

A completed application and two references must be received by email to by February 3, 2019 to be considered.


A complete Application and Reference package consists of:

  1. The completed questions in the application,  with both applicant and parent sections signed, scanned and emailed along with a recent photo of the applicant.
  2. Two reference forms, completed by your references and submitted via email directly to programming from the referee at References should not be family members and should be able to comment on the applicant in a setting of his/her peers. Coaches and teachers are ideal.  

*Note:  Proof of age will be validated by a programming committee member

Applications are available on our 2019 Programs page.

Program Fees:

If you application is accepted, program fees are required. They vary by program and length. A menu of the varying fees can be found HERE.


2019 International Program Offerings