For all programs (see here) that CISV Vancouver is offering, the following is required in order for your application to be considered.


Age appropriate:

Delegates must be the program offering age (i.e. Village 11, or 15 year old Step Up etc.) at least one day between June 1st and August 31st (for summer programs).

Paid Membership for 2018:

In order to be considered for a delegate position, you MUST be a paid member of CISV Vancouver for 2018. This is mandatory for Insurance purposes. Membership registration is available through our online registration  and must be complete and fully paid before submitting your application. Applications from non-members will not be considered.

Link to Membership Purchase HERE.

Membership Details


MiniCamp Attendance Required:

Applicants must have attended at least one local mini-camp in the last 12 months before being eligible for a travel delegate position. This is to provide exposure to a CISV camp setting and give you an idea of what a CISV program would be like, and also allows us to evaluate applicants in a camp setting amongst their peers. 

Register for Winter MiniCamp, January 19 to 21, HERE.

Application Fee:

An application fee of $35 is required for administration of all incoming applications.

Program Application Fee link HERE


Program Fees:

If you application is accepted, program fees are required. They vary by program and length. A menu of the varying fees can be found here.



A complete application must be received by the application deadline to be considered.


2018 International Program Offerings


There are several parts to an applications, the first online through Karelo gathering standardized data and accepting the one time nonrefundable application fee of $35. The second gathers more in depth information about the applicant and the third is obtaining applicable references for the applicant.

A complete application consists of:

  • Completion of the online Karelo application form and payment of the $35 application fee.
  • The applicant questionnaire, with both applicant and parent sections completed and signed.
  • A recent photo of the applicant
  • A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate.
  • Two reference forms, completed by your references and submitted in sealed envelopes. Please have each reference sign across the seal of the envelope. References should not be family members and should be able to comment on the applicant in a setting of his/her peers. Coaches and teachers are ideal. References can also be emailed directly to

Applications can be submitted by email to:

or by mail to:

CISV Programming, Attn: Karen Dupuis

1451 Avonlynn Cres.,

North Vancouver, B.C. V7J 2V2