Program Fees noted below are inclusive of fees from all levels of CISV (local, national and international), as well as comprehensive insurance coverage. Village, YM, Step Up and Interchange Fees include the official CISV travel outfit.

Village428 days$1610
Youth Meeting (YM)615 days$ 900
Step Up423 days$1350
Junior Counsellor (JC)128 days$1300
Seminar121 days$ 1050

Other Additional Costs:

  • Air fare and other travel costs for delegate
  • A proportionate share of the leader’s airfare and other travel costs divided by the number of travelling delegates for the individual program.
  • Passport and visa fees, if required
  • Vaccinations, if required (depending on the host country)
  • Spending money (amount to be determined by the delegation and the host country)
  • Gifts for host families and camp staff
  • Supplies for National Night and “traders”