Seminar Camp Summer 2024

Seminar Camp Summer 2024
15.07.2024 - 31.08.2024, 00:00
Seminar Camp Application Deadline is January 9th
This is a 2 step (Local then National) process so make sure you don’t leave your application to the last minute!!!
Step 1.  Email your interest in making an application to CISV Vancouver Programming  at .  Programming will set up a time to meet (online) and verify your CISV membership and eligibility of your application.
  • Applicants are not required to have previous CISV experience but they must be CISV members and the chapter must endorse their eligibility.
  • Applicants must be 16 or 17 for the entire duration of the program (cannot be 15 or 18)
Step 2:  Programming will provide you with a National Seminar Camp application link for you to then submit your application to the National Seminar Camp Sending Coordinator and rank the programs that you are interested in applying to.
CISV Canada has been invited to send 2 delegates to 11 different countries’ programs around the globe in 2024.
A list of the 11 Seminar Camp Programs and the dates of the program can be seen here: