Become a CISV Vancouver Leader

  • Are you over 21 yrs old and looking for something AMAZING to get involved with?
  • Do you love working with youth?
  • Are you inspired to help promote global change?

If yes! CISV might be for you!

Every year, over 6,000 children from around the world go to CISV camp and family-exchange programmes to have the time of their lives. That’s where you come in!

As a CISV leader, you will help children try new things, make new friends, learn new skills, eat new foods, and even travel. It’s non-stop, challenging, and no two days will be the same! But you’ll have an experience you will never forget – an experience that will shape the rest of your life.

Founded in 1951, CISV is an international organization devoted to educating and inspiring youth to take action for a more just and peaceful world. As a VOLUNTEER leader, you can get involved in our local activities and/or travel with a delegation of youth (ages 11 to 15) to an international camp-style program. Meet people from around the world, facilitate meaningful discussions, and act as a role model for youth.

For more information, visit:, then – when you’re ready to apply for a position – follow the steps below.

Local involvement

There is no minimum number of hours to commit. We are always looking for leaders to assist with monthly activities and weekend-long local camps. Getting involved year-round is a perfect way to get introduced to CISV, build up your leadership resume, learn new skills, and have fun! Everyone 19+ is welcome to join us as a local leader!

International programs

The international programs we are recruiting leaders for is now listed under the events section of our homepage. Leaders must be a minimum of 21 years old by the start of the program, but there is no maximum age. You must be available for the full program dates and approximately 30 hours per month during the spring for training and preparations.


Want to learn more?

Watch these great YouTube videos!

Dear Mom and Dad

CISV International

We are one tribe

Follow these steps to apply!

If you feel joy and enthusiasm in working with and for children, then we offer you an experience that will shape you all your life. You are part of a CISV program in which children or young people are brought to a life without cultural or national differences. You grow in your responsibility for your delegation. You experience teamwork while planning with the leader’s group. You will find a lot of new friends and have great international and intercultural encounters.

1 – Complete Application Form!

2 – Get 2 References!

  • Send the REFERENCE FORM to 2 people who are either a current or recent employer, leaders in other voluntary organizations, or a local community representative in positions of trust and responsibility. One of the references but not both can be from a CISV volunteer in a position of trust and responsibility, or a board or executive member. The referees must have known the applicant for a minimum of 1 year. They must not be family members. Ideally, at least one of the references should demonstrate the applicant’s previous experience working or volunteering with children. Deadline for reference forms to be filled and sent to is February 6th, 11:59 PM.

3 – Complete a criminal record check (CRC)!

All CISV volunteers 18+ require up to date and clean criminal record checks for vulnerable populations (PIC-VS) every 3 years. Please request a criminal record check following either method listed below as soon as you know you will be applying for a leadership position as the process for obtaining a criminal record check can take some time. Once you have submitted a request for a criminal record check, please send a note to
There are two ways to request a CRC:
  • Option 1: In person (this is generally the faster option)

    • Here is the link to the instructions and here is the link to the letter you will need to print out and show when you go to your local police department to submit your request. You should go to a police station that is in the city you currently reside in.
  • Option 2: Online (note: you will need a BC services card for this option)

    • Follow this link:
    • Enter in access code: J28CSU63F7
    • Click ‘Login with a BC services card’ and set up the BC Services Card app if you don’t have it already

      • Note: if you are setting the app up for the first time, there is a verification process which will require Service BC to validate your identity. You can do this completely in the app but it may take up to 2 business days for them to verify and for you to gain access to the app in order to continue with the CRC request process online.
    • Enter pairing code in the BC Services App
    • Follow prompts, answer questions, etc.
    • Save your confirmation number

Questions? Email

duties and responsibilities

  • You are accompanying a group of 4-7 children between the ages of 11 and 15 to a up-to-4-week CISV programme
  • Depending on the age, you are "mom and dad substitute" or understanding big brother / sister
  • You are directing the children to participate in the CISV programme
  • You are planning and coordinating activities, games and small demonstrations with the staff and the other leaders.
  • Sometimes you prepare scrapbooks with the children and their families
  • Sometimes you create a funny and interactive presentation of your home country with your delegation.
  • Sometimes you prepare a “cultural activity” with your delegation. This activity links your country to the camp theme.
  • You actively participate in compulsory training that will prepare you for your tasks as best as possible.
  • You are holding preparatory meetings with the families of the children, facilitate at the PreCamp weekend and take part in preparing the whole family for the summer CISV experience
  • During the program you are the sole communication middle person between the camp and the parents of the children.
  • All training is provided. You will be well prepared!
  • All expenses are paid. Leaders never have any costs for their participation in our programs!

your competencies

  • Fond of children; Enjoy being there for them and working with them
  • Creativity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Strong nerves and the ability to keep calm even in difficult situations
  • Good organizational ability
  • Good communication skills - with children as well as adults
  • Good English skills (at least B2)
  • Openness to other cultures, world views, religions, ...
  • Do not be afraid of traveling