We are a non-profit organization that is 100% volunteer-run. With your help, all of your funds go directly into our projects and programs whose purpose is to educate and inspire more children and youth to become future leaders, active global citizens, and change-makers.

The programs we offer are made possible through various fundraising initiatives and generous donations of individuals.

Where does your donation go?

  • Supporting our chapter’s plans to develop, expand and grow
  • Investing in our educational programs, which provide our participants with the vital attitudes, skills, and knowledge they need to take the lead in their own lives, their communities, and the world
  • Enhancing and strengthening the CISV experience to help it remain modern, relevant, and engaging


Other Support

CISV Vancouver hosts international programs on a regular basis. Hosting is costly, yet it is a vital part of providing this unique opportunity for youth from our community and from around the world.

We appreciate every means of support and we gratefully accept in-kind donations, which are eligible for tax-deductible receipts.

In the past, we have appreciated in-kind donations such as food for camps, discounts on food, bedding, transportation, storage, dry cleaning and laundry services, building space for events, guest speakers, manual labour, freezers and freezer space, professional advice, cooks, notary services, writing grant applications, sports equipment, photography, discounts on goods, and a helping hand.

Thanks to all of our supporters!