CISV Vancouver Fall Mini-Camp, Nov. 4-6

CISV Vancouver Fall Mini-Camp, Nov. 4-6
04.11.2022 - 06.11.2022, 19:00 - 12:00

Save the dates and REGISTER HERE by Oct. 26!

Mini-Camp Weekend is On!
[CoVID safety protocols are set out below]
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, October 26, 2022 – 9pm
Mini-Camp Dates/Times: Arrival – Friday, 4 Nov. 2022 – 7 pm
Pick Up – Sunday, 6 Nov. 2022 – noon
Camp Location: Camp Alexandra, 2916 McBride Avenue, Surrey, V4A 3G2

What is a CISV MiniCamp? Local and Regional MiniCamps are held at various times during the year to spread awareness of CISV values and principles among its current and future members. The camps are designed to be similar to a two day experience at one of CISV’s programs.  The purpose is to give young people 10-17 years old, who have and those who might be interested in applying for one of CISV’s international programs, a glimpse into what the international experience might be like.

What activities happen at MiniCamp? Participants will take part in a variety of educational, cultural, and fun activities that have been planned by the youth from the chapter’s Junior Branch. The activities will revolve around a common theme and CISV’s peace education content areas, which are: diversity, human rights, conflict and resolution, and sustainable development. On occasion some educational activities may engage participants at an intensive level bringing out deep feelings, thoughts, and emotions. This is done to help explore, but not judge, different views and perspectives on issues relevant to CISV educational goals.

Who can attend MiniCamp?  2022 Fall MiniCamp will be open to those 11 to 17. Those 18 years or older can join as junior leaders. Please contact Mini-Camp Director or Leadership Coordinator to find out how to join as a junior leader.  The camps are especially important for those wishing to apply for one of CISV’s national or international programs as they help young people develop an understanding of CISV and its culture. If you are considering applying to participate in an international program in the next year, please note that applicants must attend at least one local Mini-Camp in the last 12 months before being eligible for a travel delegate position. CISV Vancouver hosts two Mini-Camps each year; the next one will be held in April 2023 which will be after applications for next years’ programs are due. Mini-Camps are open to CISV members and non-members. Youth may attend one Mini-Camp as a non-member. Further participation in CISV programs will require a membership with CISV Vancouver.

Who plans and leads activities at a Mini-Camp? 
In line with CISV’s “learning by doing” approach, activities at Mini-Camp are planned and lead by youth of various ages from the chapter’s Junior Branch (JB). The JB organizes several meetings leading up to the camp when youth members develop and organize the activities for the camp. To support the youth and to ensure that appropriate safety and risk management measures are met, trained adult leaders, supported by CISV Vancouver’s Risk Manager, will guide the camp activities and ensure overall accountability of the program. CISV’s adult leaders receive training through CISV Canada / International, complete a criminal record check and are supervised by program coordinators from the CISV Vancouver board. We maintain an adult leader to participant ratio of 1:10.
Does my child have to attend the entire Mini-Camp? Yes – Participants are to arrive on Friday at 7pm and depart on Sunday at noon. Your child’s experience and the experience of others is significantly impacted if participants come and leave at different times. The disruption of having a participant leave the camp also creates safety and logistical concerns for leaders and takes them away from activities with the other participants.

How can parents find out more about CISV? CISV Vancouver’s website’s “ABOUT” page contains lots of information about our local chapter as well as links to CISV Canada and CISV International. Questions can also be directed to our team at

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How much does Weekend Mini-Camp cost? 
Members: $165 per participant or junior leader.
Non-members: $180 per participant
Non-Members may ONLY attend one Mini-Camp before an annual membership is required. If you have already attended one MiniCamp but have not yet joined CISV Vancouver, an annual membership is required. Please consult for information regarding memberships.
A membership is also required for all international program participants.

What is included in the Mini-Camp Fee? Snack on Friday evening, all meals and snacks on Saturday, breakfast and a snack on Sunday; accommodation at Camp Alexandra, all CISV programming, and lots of fun!
All meals will be vegetarian-friendly; please note allergies, medical alerts and other important information on registration form and ePact.

What is the Mini-Camp refund/cancellation policy? Please note that CISV Vancouver’s Mini-Camp refund/cancellation policy is to provide a full refund of camp fees if the Camp Registrar is advised of the cancellation at least 14 days before the start of the camp. We are not able to provide refunds for cancellations within 14 days other than as set out below.

What about CoVID? In accordance with CISV International policy, all participants in overnight programs, including Mini-Camp, are required to be fully vaccinated against CoVID-19. All participants will be required to upload a pdf of the electronic CoVID vaccination passport into ePact. In addition, all participants are asked to take a rapid test within 24 hours of the start of Mini-Camp (i.e. between 7 pm on Thursday, 3 November and before arrival at 7 pm on Friday, 4 November). Participants who have a positive test result are required to skip this Mini-Camp and are asked to advise the Mini-Camp Coordinator who will make arrangements for a full refund.

In consideration of other campers and our staff, please refrain from sending your child to camp if they are feeling unwell or have any COVID-19 or other contagious sickness with related symptoms (runny nose, fever, sore throat, upset stomach, etc.). If a participant shows any of these symptoms, in light of the safety of all other campers, CISV Vancouver reserves the right to request that the participant take a rapid test, to deny participation at the camp, and to request that the participant be picked up as soon as possible.
The wearing of masks is recommended when indoors and social distancing is not possible – except when in bed.

How do we register and pay for MiniCamp? The registration and payment portal for Mini-Camp is open HERE on and will be accessible from CISV Vancouver’s website or via a link that will be emailed to CISV members. MiniCamp registration will also require that families set up an account with ePACT, a well-recognized and secure emergency record and support network that our Chapter has teamed up with to facilitate the collection and confidential management of your child’s emergency contact and medical information.

Mini-Camp regularly sells out very quickly! To avoid disappointment, please submit your completed online registration and payment form(s) and set up your family’s ePACT account as soon as possible. Registrations will be processed in the order in which they are received and will not be considered complete until payment is received and processed. Registrations received after the posted deadline may be placed on a waitlist or may not be accepted, depending on catering and other site constraints. If you have questions or concerns regarding your registration, please contact:

What if I arrive late to pick-up my child? Parents are expected to make arrangements to pick up their child promptly at noon on Sunday. Arriving late puts undue strain and stress on our volunteer leaders and is not acceptable. Please notify our Mini-Camp Coordinator or the Camp Director at the phone numbers below if you are experiencing problems at the last minute. If you know that someone else will be picking up your child, please note that they have the authority to do so in your ePACT account and when checking in on Friday.

Who do I contact for more information? 
Mini-Camp Coordinator: Radha Reddy

What should participants bring to MiniCamp?
A. Personal Items
❏ Sleeping bag & pillow
❏ Two full changes of clothes
❏ Suitable outdoor clothes and footwear including rain jacket, boots, hat and gloves if it’s cold
❏ Toiletries including a toothbrush
❏ Slippers or indoor shoes
❏ Pyjamas and a bedtime buddy/stuffy!
❏ Flashlight with charged batteries – please test it before camp!
❏ Any personal medications required. Please place in a clearly labelled ziplock bag with the camper’s name, medication name(s) and administration instructions listed on the outside
❏ Musical instrument (if you want to jam!)
❏ Tons of CISV spirit!
** Please be sure to clearly label all of your belongings**

B. Shared Snack Contribution: 
Please bring ripe, washed and ready to eat FRUIT ​to share with 10 people
Note: All of these snacks are to be handed in upon arrival; no snacks are to go to the sleeping cabins!
Do NOT ​Bring:
❏ Valuables, money or expensive clothes
❏ Phones, ipods or electronic games
❏ Candy, nuts or personal snacks

Where is MiniCamp and how do we get there? Camp Alexandra,​a facility run by the Association of Neighbourhood Houses, is a 2.5 acre property located in Crescent Beach. It is a historic, rustic and quirky camp comprised of dormitories, cabins, a dining hall and multi-purpose room that surround a large open green space. The Camp caters all guest meals and is able to accommodate dietary requirements (e.g., celiac, nut allergy, etc) at an extra cost which will be borne by the Chapter.
Is carpooling or public transit an option? Yes – If you know other families who are attending, we encourage you to make your own arrangements. If you have seats to spare, or need a space, please email the​ and we will try to connect up families. Carpooling arrangements are the responsibility of each individual family however we will assist when possible by trying to connect those with space with those needing rides. Camp Alexandra​ is also accessible by public transit.
Who do I contact for more information?

For information:
Membership Coordinator, Alex, at

For Mini-Camp information:
Mini-Camp Coordinator, Radha, at
In case of an emergency during the camp:
Camp Director / Leadership Coordinator Janine, cell (778) 251-0735,