CISV Vancouver Spring Mini-Camp April 26 to 28, 2024

CISV Vancouver Spring Mini-Camp April 26 to 28, 2024
26.04.2024 - 28.04.2024, 06:30 - 12:00


Due to the need for a headcount and meal order,

Registration Deadline is now: Wednesday, APRIL 16 at 5 pm

Mini-Camp Dates/Times:

Arrival – Friday, April 26 – 6:30 to 7 pm

Pick Up – Sunday, April 28 – noon  

Camp Location: Camp Alexandra, 2916 McBride Avenue, Surrey by Crescent Beach

Who can attend Mini-Camp?  2024 Spring Mini-Camp will be open to those 10 to 17 years old. Those 18 years or older can join as junior leaders. Please contact the Mini-Camp Coordinator or Leadership Coordinator to find out how to join as a junior leader.  

The camps are especially important for those wishing to apply for one of CISV’s national or international program: they help young people develop an understanding of CISV and its culture and applicants for those programs must have attended at least one local Mini-Camp in the 12 months prior in order to be eligible for a travel delegate position. CISV Vancouver hosts two Mini-Camps each year; the next one is likely to be held in Fall 2024. Mini-Camps are open to CISV members and non-members. Youth may attend one Mini-Camp as a non-member.  Further participation in CISV programs will require a membership with CISV Vancouver. 

How much does Weekend Mini-Camp cost? 

Members: $200 per participant ($180 for junior leaders upon approval)

Non-members: $220 per participant

Non-Members may only attend one Mini-Camp before an annual membership is required. If you have already attended one Mini-Camp but have not yet joined CISV Vancouver, an annual membership is required. Please consult for information regarding memberships. A membership is also required for all international program participants. 

What is included in the Mini-Camp Fee? Four meals – all meals on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday and some snacks; accommodation at Camp Alexandra, all CISV programming, and lots of fun! In order to get right into programming after arrival, there is no dinner provided on Friday evening.  Please make sure that your camper has eaten dinner prior to arriving at camp.

Find much more information on the registration link below:


What should participants bring to MiniCamp? 

  1. Personal Items 

Sleeping bag, pillow & fitted sheet for the provided mattress 

Two full changes of clothes

Suitable outdoor clothes and footwear including rain jacket, boots, hat and gloves if it’s cold 

Toiletries including a toothbrush 

Slippers or indoor shoes 

Pyjamas and a bedtime buddy/stuffy! 

Flashlight with charged batteries – please test it before camp! 

Any personal medications required. Please place in a clearly labelled zipper plastic bag with the camper’s name, medication name(s) and administration instructions listed on the outside 

Musical instrument (if you want to jam!) 

Tons of CISV spirit! 

** Please be sure to clearly label all of your belongings** 

  1. Shared Snack Contribution: 

Please bring 5 servings of ripe, washed and ready to eat FRUIT ​for sharing. 

Note: All of these snacks are to be handed in upon arrival; no snacks are to go to the sleeping cabins! 

Do NOT ​Bring: 

Valuables, money or expensive clothes 

Phones, iPods, computers or other electronics [Generally, these need to be left with parents.  If an exception has been made by the Camp Director in exceptional circumstances, the device needs to not be used during activities, meals or other social times. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in the device being confiscated for the duration of the camp.  We do our best to safeguard items but are not equipped to provide locked and safe storage.  We take no responsibility for any loss or damage to electronic devices that were brought to camp or used in violation of the applicable rules.]

Candy, nuts or personal snacks