Sunflower Canada-wide camp Aug 21-27th

Sunflower Canada-wide camp Aug 21-27th
21.08.2022 - 27.08.2022

Registration now open: Sunflower Canada-wide camp Aug 21-27th

2022 Sunflower Camp, a Canada-wide CISV camp is being held Aug 21-27, 2022 just outside of Ottawa, Ontario. The camp will be held at the lovely St John’s Ukrainian Church camp which is an hour drive from Ottawa, and the same location as CISV Ottawa’s May mini-camp.

The 2022 Sunflower Camp is a multi-age week-long program for up to 50 youth aged 11+ from across Canada. It is being organized by the CISV Ottawa Chapter in collaboration with CISV Victoria and CISV Saskatoon, and will be similar to National Camps organized by CISV Canada’s Junior Branch.

Sunflower Camp will be a dynamic, fun learning experience focused on peace education and leadership development. Participants are encouraged to take an active leadership role within the camp. After the first day run by the staff, participants will work together to plan and run camp activities, with staff guiding them.

The theme of the Sunflower Camp is “peace-ing” ourselves together after our two-year break in activities due to COVID-19. Sunflowers are amazing, beautiful plants that have come to symbolize peace, solidarity and hope in many cultures around the world. During the camp we will explore what connects us as Canadians and global citizens and how we can work together to build a more just, equitable and peaceful world.

Trained adult staff will facilitate the planning groups and ensure that everyone has a great experience. Every day will include active time outdoors on the beautiful camp property. The camp is on a lovely lake and there will be swimming time supervised by a lifeguard.

When & where? Aug 21-27th
Camp pick-up and drop-off will be at Billings Bridge shopping Centre in Ottawa, leaving 3pm on Sunday, August 21st, returning  2pm on Saturday August 28th

The cost of the camp is $500 and includes transportation to and from the Billings Bridge shopping Centre in Ottawa  as well as all meals, materials and accommodation for the week.

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Staff Roles Available:
Are you fun, responsible, a good leader, and you excel at helping youth learn about the world while developing leadership skills?
CISV Ottawa is recruiting 5 adult staff age 21+, and 2 junior staff age 17+Interested in staffing?  Fill in a Staff Application !   We look forward to hearing from you!

Sunflower Camp Details & Application