Are you between 10 and 17 years? Are you interested in finding out what CISV is all about, and meeting new friends?

Come out and take part in our seasonal Mini-Camps that are designed to be similar to a three-day experience at a CISV’s Village or Step-Up program. This approach gives young people who might be interested in applying for one of CISV’s international programs a glimpse into what a larger international experience might be like.

Participants will take part in a variety of educational, cultural, and fun activities that have been planned by the youth from the chapters Junior Branch. The activities will revolve around a common theme and CISV’s peace education content areas, which are: diversity, human rights, conflict and resolution, and sustainable development.

Any young person who is interested in building local friendships in a fun and caring environment should attend. The camps are especially important for those wishing to apply for one of CISV’s international programs as they help young people develop an understand of CISV and its culture.

In line with CISV’s “learning by doing” approach, activities at a Mini-Camp are planned and led by youth of various ages from the chapters Junior Branch (JB). The JB organizes several meetings leading up to the camp where interested members contribute, develop and organize the camp activities. To support the youth and to ensure that appropriate safety and risk management measures are met trained adult leaders will guide the camp activities and ensure overall accountability of the program.

FOR INFORMATION ON UPCOMING MINICAMPS PLEASE CHECK OUT THE EVENT CALENDAR where further information and registration forms will be posted.